MuscleMind is run by two Medical Students from the UK; Sophie Winter and Ella Denham. It began during our personal journeys to recovery from mental illness, which we have talked about more in the links above on our blog . We realised that physical activity appears throughout NHS guidelines on the treatment of depression and anxiety, however this is a little known or talked about fact. 

MuscleMind wants to create a new support community of people using exercise to promote mental wellness who believe in #StrengthNotStigma.

This website is our main information source, a place for people to come if they want to learn more about exercise, mental illness or are seeking support. We'll try out anything in the world of exercise and wellbeing, giving you reviews on whats new in the world of fitness and health so you know where to go on your road to recovery.

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We're aiming to go beyond the internet, to help support people struggling in real life, manage events to increase awareness of mental illness and it's treatment, and to get everyone utilising the amazing therapy that exercise can be.

@​MyMuscleMind                          #StrengthNotStigma

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